Places that carry the real essence of Virgin Gorda

Places that carry the real essence of Virgin Gorda

July 16, 2018 0 By mahaprabha

Is it time for the annual family vacation or perhaps for the long-awaited trip with your friends? Then you may be searching for a place to visit after getting tired of the usual vacationing places which are overcrowded with tourists and end up giving more pain than pleasure. For this, we present a place which is quiet and yet enjoyable- the ‘Virgin Gorda.’ Located in the British Virgin Islands, this place is known majorly for its water sports activities and for having the largest harbor in the world- North sound. Worrying about where to stay? There are short-term rentals in Virgin Gorda where you can rest throughout your stay in the island.

A good place to touch down would be its Spanish town which is the main commercials as well as the residential hub of the place and yet it is kind of a blink-and-you-will-miss kind of a place. The true eye-catching ones are:

  • Gorda Peak National Park: At a stupendous 1500ft, this national park is the highest point of the national park and is full of its indigenous and varied plant life. Hiking is the thing to go for in here so that you can follow trails which leads to a lookout tower at the Peak from where you can have a scenic and panoramic view of the British Virgin Islands as well as of the most popular anchorage in there- North Sound. Anegada Island is also visible from there on the horizon. What’s more exciting is that if you are an animal enthusiast then you should know that this peak is the home to the smallest gecko in the world. But overall, halfway along the trail to the tower is the perfect place to go to if you want to go for a family picnic with everyone or if you would like to spend a few quiet moments with your partner. As a bonus, tables and benches are provided as well as maintained by the National Parks Trust so you wouldn’t have to worry about that hassle.
  • Long Bay: This is the ultimately secluded bay. It has a long beach which is popular for swimming as well as snorkeling. It is so secluded that it is likely that you will have the place to yourself, well almost to yourself and your family since there are bound to be a couple of sailboats which will be anchored therein if the weather conditions turn out to be good. This place is hubs for beautiful birds so don’t forget to take your binoculars for bird watching if you plan to visit this place.

  • Nail Bay: This place too is a habitat for beautiful birds and you will be able to see blue herons, spotted sandpipers, ruddy turnstones, black-necked stilts, Brown boobies as well as pelicans. Apart from the bird watching, beach combing is popular here too due to the presence of long stretches of sand. So take some small shovels and look for treasures hidden there or maybe pack some magnifying glasses as well if you add in the campiness and have fun with your kids. This Bay, as well as the Long Bay, was voted as the best beaches by the Caribbean travel and life magazine.

  • Watersports: Visiting the Virgin Gorda and not engaging in some water sports will be a missed opportunity for a lifetime. Just imagine high winds blowing all around you as you drift at a height of 600 feet above the water, all the while gliding in a parasail. It will be like flying! But rest assured, Virgin Gorda offers some of the best views which Para sailing could offer. To assist you in this, the crew of the leverick bay water sports is there. If you plan to come here then you should probably book your whole day so that you can have in all that this place has to offer- from gourmet dinners which you can enjoy at The Restaurant. This is a service resort which overlooks the marina and will serve you fresh seafood and house cut steaks, all accompanied by a wide selection of the finest wines and drinks.

  • The Bitter End Yacht Club: This mile-long shore front full service, water sports center, restaurant, and the resort is located on the protected waters of the North Sound. This resort is accessible only by water and offers an environment which is secluded and thus perfect for relaxing. Here you can have a luxurious brunch and then rent a power boat, kayak or a house cat and then take to the beautiful blue waters. This is hailed frequently as one of the best full-service resorts in the world.

  • Kiteboarding: Over at the North Sound you can practice your kite boarding skills with experienced trainers who will assist and train you in the adventure sport. After you are ready you can take to the skies and enjoy the ride.

Sounds alluring? This place is the mecca for adventure junkies and also for those who are looking for a quiet place to get away from their busy lives, as well as everyone else in between. So book tickets and hop in for what will surely be the adventure of a lifetime.

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