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May 2016

How to Stay Stylish and Comfortable While Traveling

How to Stay Stylish and Comfortable While TravelingEveryone wishes to look stylish when they travel, whether it is the holiday season or not. But this is often a challenge considering most stylish things means you need to give up on your comforts. However, there are always ways in which you can maintain a balance. Here are some helpful ways you can appear stylish once you travel without compromising over your comforts. They can be easily implemented when you travel.

1. Keep the Additional Stress Away

A lot of us end up looking flustered and miserable because we tend to make traveling difficult for ourselves. One of the most important practices that every traveler should adopt is to pack everything well before time. This means you have plenty of time for everything else and stay relaxed once you reach the airport.

It’s important to understand that this is not only about the clothes you wear or the way you dress up. Staying relaxed is very important and can only happen if you prepare ahead of time.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Nothing replaces a good night’s sleep. This is what every traveler must understand if they wish to look their best once they arrive at the airport. A night before the flight, it is important that you sleep well and keep all the distractions away. Technology and caffeine are the two biggest reasons that may affect the quality of your sleep. It is important that you stay away from these and appear restful before your flight.

3. Select the Right Shoe

Traveling shoes are no jokes. You may end up walking endlessly at the airport so just because you feel like looking good doesn’t mean you end up wearing those high heels. This is why it is important to select the shoes very carefully. There are plenty of shoes you’ll find in the market that are comfortable and good looking. These are the ones you should be looking out for. When you select these, ensure they are easy to take on an off because the security checks at the airport have tightened over the recent times. A pair of decent looking trainers or boots does a fine job in keeping you comfortably stylish.

4. Stay Hydrated

If you are habitual of drinking a lot of water, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. But if you aren’t, you really have to be mindful. Hydration can become a huge issue while traveling, especially when you’re up in the air. Therefore, carrying an empty water bottle can help you in increasing your fluid intake while you travel. Ideally, water should replace any of your caffeine or alcohol intake while traveling.

5. Wear Your Smile

You may be comfortable wearing your favorite jeans and top, but what really adds style to your outlook is the smile you wear. It can be painful to do this while you’re traveling because of endless procedures, but it’s worth the effort if you wish to look your best.

5 Purely Colorado Things To Do

montainIf you are traveling to the State of Colorado for the first time and don’t want to spend hours trying to find the most fun things to do, here are five quintessential things you can focus on that are hard to duplicate in any other single state. Many of these activities don’t involve long lines or lots of people, and they don’t have to cost a lot.

Visit a Brewpub

Move over Milwaukee and St. Louis, we’re talking small breweries located throughout the state of Colorado. You could make brewpubs your reason for visiting and traverse the entire state in search of the perfect brew or try to attend the October brew festival in Denver that sells out very quickly every year. This is a great, thirst-quenching way to see Colorado. Just don’t spend all your time indoors.

See Dinosaur Footprints or Bones

Many of the dinosaur skeletons you see at museums throughout the world originated in Colorado. Whether you go to the Museum of Nature and Science in Denver or the Dinosaur National Monument in the northwest corner of the state or check out the 1300 footprints at Picketwire Canyonlands south of La Junta, you can design your visit based just on dinosaurs. There are also footprints just west of Denver along Dinosaur Ridge. This is an experience few other states can claim.

Spend Time in the Mountains

Seek out an outdoor festival of music, local art and a chili cook-off, 4-wheel drive over Engineer Pass for spectacular vistas of mountains and wildflowers, hike to a waterfalls, take a hot air balloon ride, fish, kayak or raft, mountain bike down a mountain used for skiing in the winter, ski, climb a Fourteener or a Sand Dune. There is no better way to soak in the summer sun and appreciate the deep blue sky and white, puffy clouds then to spend a day in the mountains. Don’t ruin things by forgetting your sunblock, sunglasses, a rain shell and plenty of water. Even a drive up Pikes Peak or up to Mount Evans is a great way to spend the day and see some wildlife without using up all your oxygen.

Do Something Western

Visit a ghost town, mine for gold, take a trip on the Durango and Silverton steam train, go to a dude ranch, visit Anasazi pueblos carved in cliffs, see bison near Denver, have some authentic Mexican food, fresh chips and hot, spicy salsa, visit the Pawnee Buttes with high-top footwear to ward off rattlesnakes, go to a rodeo and enjoy the mutton busting, see the Red Rocks Amphitheater or the red rocks at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Just don’t try to do all these things in one day. Colorado is the eighth largest state and the mountains mean you don’t travel straight as the crow flies.

Soak in a Hot Springs

So, you wore yourself out and you need a massage. There is nothing better than a soak in a hot springs, many of which have accompanying spas. The best experience is an outdoor one with the winter snow falling in your face or a summer breeze cooling the evening with a sky full of sparkling starlight. You’ve earned yourself a nice hot soak and afterwards, you’ll sleep like a baby and be ready to start all over again tomorrow.

4 Tips For Finding Vacation Deals

4 Tips For Finding Vacation DealsWhen going for a vacation, especially with family, you want to get the best deals possible. A deal that covers most of your vacation needs at affordable rates is always a good offer for ensuring that you stick to your vacation budget and at the same time still get the most from the vacation. Finding the best vacation deals is not that hard, especially now that there are travel agents that you can use to find and get deals that are available to you. A few tips can help you find the best deals for your type of vacation.

1. Use comparison sites

The travel sites are some of the best in finding you vacation deals. The sites work hand in hand with airlines and hence they list available deals and guide you on how to get them. The sites also offer very good platforms to compare flights and get cheap tickets to your preferred destination. You can use the major sites that have a good reputation in the travel industry and those that cover a wide number of airlines and other travel service providers.

2. Visit official airline websites

Vacation deals tend to be very common on airline websites, especially when there are upcoming holidays and events. By frequenting the official websites you can become aware of such good deals long before the events or holidays start. Some of the airlines will also make the vacation deals when they are celebrating an achievement or anniversary, so make sure to check them out on a regular basis to get yourself a vacation deal that can save you lots of money.

3. Ask the airlines

Instead of waiting until you get wind of available deals, how about calling your favorite airlines and enquire about any available deals they might have? This is a very good approach because it might even push the airline to consider putting together a deal just for you. Excellent customer service might be just the thing that gets you a vacation deal that works for you. Contacting the airlines directly also gives you a chance to have a clear breakdown of what the travel packages entail thus making it very easy to settle for a deal that you find valuable to you.

4. Use travel agents to get the deals

Travel agents usually help you organize your vacation from the flight to the accommodation and transport when you get to the destination. They therefore will regularly work with airlines and other players such as hotels and car rentals to create vacation deals for those who choose to use their services to plan their holidays. You can look up popular travel agents in your locality and then check out what deals they might have available for your destination.

Vacation deals can be money and time saving because they usually have packages that take care of what matters including accommodation and transport within the destination. When choosing a deal, ensure that everything included in it is of value to you and worth the money that you spend.

Five Reasons Why You Should Hire a Travel Agent

Hire a Travel AgentWhen most people go on vacation, they simply log on to their computer, look up their destination, and book a hotel. If they are flying, they will compare the prices of different flights, and eventually book one that meets their budget and timing needs. However, people who do all of the planning themselves are missing out on one of the best vacation resources available-a travel agent. Here are five reasons why anyone taking a trip should hire a professional to help with the planning.

They Get Great Deals

Most people who plan a trip will spend a few hours, over the course of a few days, booking their flights, hotels, and rental cars. They will look for the best deals available, and quite often, they may find some of them. A professional travel agent does this for a living. They will be able to find the lowest rates on flights, and they know which airlines are best suited for the particular customer. Vacation planning companies will often use the same group of hotels for their clients, which gives them access to better prices and other perks.

They Relieve Stress

Planning a vacation can be so stressful that the trip itself is not as enjoyable. Hiring someone to take care of the planning is one of the best ways to fully enjoy one’s time away. A broker will ensure that there is enough time between connecting flights; that there will be transportation from the airport to the hotel; that the customer is receiving the best rates available, and a hundred other little details that are necessary for any trip.

They Make Amazing Suggestions

When creating an itinerary for a journey, suggestions generally come from guidebooks. While these can be wonderful resources, unfortunately, they are wonderful resources for every other person vacationing to the same place. A professional vacation broker will know all of the best places to visit, stay, and eat for a given destination, and just as important, which attractions to avoid. A good broker can also recommend hidden gems that don’t show up in a guidebook. They will also be able to suggest which time of year is the least busy.

They Have Professional Relationships

As discussed above, a travel agent will often use the same airlines, hotels, and car rental agencies for multiple clients. This means that the broker has more influence with these businesses. If a stay needs to be pushed back or extended, an extra bed added to a room, or anything else, companies will be more responsive to a professional broker they have worked with before.

They Offer Security

Anyone who has traveled knows that something unforeseen can always occur: a family member back home is ill, a missed flight, a lost passport, etc. A travel agent regularly deals with issues such as these, and can help make any changes go as smoothly as possible. Their experience, knowledge, and professional relationships will allow them to provide their clients with the best possible solution to any problem that might arise.

Anyone who is considering taking a trip in the future should know that hiring a travel agent would only improve his or her vacation experience.